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man looking through the yellow pagesWe know that a solid marketing program should include the print yellow pages. No other media delivers the coverage and purchase-ready audience at such a reasonable price. In fact, U.S. consumers referenced the yellow pages 4.7 billion times last year when they were looking for a local business.1

graph of how often people look at yellow pages

The print and internet yellow pages influence more consumers than any other medium1:

  • 28% of consumers say print and internet yellow pages and white pages are the sources they use most often
  • 51% of consumers have a decision to make when referring to the yellow pages
  • 55% of those making a purchase spend over $50
  • Of those who reference an ad in the yellow pages and make a purchase, 35% are new customers to that business

Myth: No One Uses the Yellow Pages; Everyone Shops Online

Without question, the Internet has changed the way consumers shop. Most can’t even remember the last time they used the yellow pages. But the reality is that 29% of US adults use print yellow pages in an average month,2 and they have money to spend. Consider this: 80-90% of yellow pages usage is driven by life events or out-of-the-ordinary situations.3

YP active buyers graph

YP discretionary income statisticDid you know that people over the age of 506:

  • Hold 80% of the financial assets in the US
  • Are set to inherit $11.6 trillion
  • Are the primary target audience of most service businesses
  • Are the biggest users of print yellow pages
  • Are predicted to grow about 40% in the next decade or two


Graph showing the percentage of yellow page users compared to age

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